Top of the Class Orthopedic Care

Over the past decade, our medical industry/field in general have progressed leaps, and bounds from where we once were. Hospitals, urgent care facilities, etc., were all being overbooked, and understaffed due to needs not being met. Now due to extensive research, financial support from local, and federal government, new research, technology, and knowledge doctors, physicians, and licensed surgeons have the resources to help patients on a greater scale.

The CORE Institute (Center for Orthopedic research and Education) located in Arizona, and Michigan is more than just a facility for learning. Founded in 2005 by physicians Dr. John A. Brown, Dr. Mark D. Campbell, and Dr. David Jacofsky, combined their expert skills at the Phoenix, Arizona location. Providing world-class orthopedic care to local residents was their mission in the beginning, and now patients from all around the world travel for their excellent orthopedic assistance.

The institute is equipped with a state-of-the-art bio-mechanics facility, in addition to a high-level motion analysis gait laboratory. What also makes this organization special is their ability to work with over 125 providers. Patients that need orthopedic examinations/surgeries including (but not limited to) sports medicine, joint replacement, knees, hips, or fracture management are able to be covered to some degree through their insurance companies/policies.